22 ways to generate an income around school hours

I get that large corporates are still coming to terms with providing agile working opportunities that meet increasing work life demands of working families.   I also get that you can feel like you are in survive mode as opposed to thrive mode when faced with choosing what to do:  return to work full time, work part time, or be a stay at home parent.

Luckily, with a bit of focus and effort, you can generate an income around school hours… Here’s some food for thought.


  1. Blog traffic.  How it works:   You will notice that some bloggers have adverts placed on their blogs.   This can be set up (in WordPress at least) with a few good widgets.  The more page views, the more income is generated from their advertising links.
  2. Affiliate links.  Once again the realm of the online space, if you are blogging, you can place affiliate links in your posts which if your readers click through, you will receive a commission if that traffic results in a sale.  As a general rule of thumb, you have to be a paying customer to get an affiliate link.  I note my affiliate links with an asterisk in my posts.
  3. Virtual Assistant.    VA’s are still relatively new (and quite hard to find) in the Australian market place.   For growing small businesses, VA’s can definitely help with the administrative load.  Skills that tend to be sought after are content creation, social media scheduling, research, diary management, online tool set up etc.   I know I love a good VA, and can recommend you check out StressFreeVA
  4. Corporate Consulting.  If you have been in the workforce and develop some professional skills, then you may want to consider consultancy work.  Generally, you work on a project basis and can negotiate on site and off site hours.
  5. Host an event.   If you have a passion for a topic, but lack the qualifications, you can always position yourself as the event manager, and bring the talent you are passionate about to an interested group.   You can determine when the event would run, and work to sell tickets in advance.  Never underestimate the power of networks or knowledge seeking nerds (like me!)
  6. Run a face to face workshop.  This is great if you have skills that you can impart.  Be sure to know who your audience is, and what level you need to be teaching at.
  7. Create an online course.  This is a great step from a face to face workshop.   A few little tech tools and you can get yourself up and running
  8. Become a freelancer.  Companies like UPWORK or Fiverr are one of a few freelance marketplaces that you can register your skills with and complete projects as you are available.
  9. Uber Driver.  I know a super cool mum who Ubers on the side around parental responsibilities. It’s also a great way to network – you never know who you will meet!
  10. Sell Stock Images.  OK – this is for those fancy pants arty photographers who I envy.  Creating stock images (check out Boss Latina) certainly saves time strapped and visually challenged entrepreneurs times
  11. Create a membership site.  If you can find a way to add value to members each month  -whether it is accessing fitness or nutrition programs, or learning how to leverage technology,
  12. Develop a direct to customer physical product.  Once again, if you are handy with creative skills, there are heaps of sites where you no longer have to carry stock and your products can ship direct to your customer.
  13. Become a coach whilst I highly recommend getting some qualifications behind you, coaching is becoming more popular in the Australian market place.  Choosing a niche is key to ensure that you find the right customer to focus on.
  14. Personal concierge Why not help another mother out?  There are still plenty of working mums who would love to come home to dinner all sorted, or the washing done.
  15. Family daycare if you love kids and meet all the legal check points (with your local council, and also with the appropriate authorities), family daycare can be a great opportunity.  Child care places can be extremely hard to come by, and a good family daycare can be a godsend to working parents.
  16. Bookkeeping.   While qualifications are generally sought, this is another area that if you start your own business, you can certainly manage around school hours.  You will need to manage your time and availability around key dates for when tax submissions are due (think end of quarter/end of financial year)
  17. Merchandiser. Quite often, retailers will seek out people to go and merchandise their stores.   They are the ones who set up the displays.
  18. Pet Sitting. Believe it or not, doggy daycares are popping up in city and urban areas.  With pampered pooches on the rise, why not get your steps up and walk someone’s dog at the same time?
  19. Affiliate Marketing.  Embedding sites like google Adsense into your content site, or Amazon can generate income on link clicks and page views
  20. Transcribe podcasts.  As our content consumption overtakes our carb loads, people are seeking multiple ways to gain access to content.   With podcasts on the rise, there are individuals who still prefer to read vs. listen.  Register your skills for these activities on Fiverr or Upward
  21. Sell Lesson Plans. Sites like Teachers pay Teachers enable you to sell and share your lesson plans and resources with other teachers.  
  22. Consult online.  Whether it’s for styling/personal shopping/naturopathy, personal training or selling art – thanks to zoom, or even a personal Facebook live link, you can consult on line, or do live cooking tutoring for those millennials who haven’t yet perfected the pasta sauce.  The upside – you are not limited to just this country!

I’d love to hear – what is your dream job you would like to do with school hours flexibility?