I’ve been working on a project lately with my graphic designer, and had to come up with 52 productivity tips to help mums with some practical strategies to be really smart with time management and reduce overwhelm on the biz and home front.

Suprisingly, I bashed out the list of tips that I have put into practice over the past few years quite quickly. 

Have to admit this makes this blog its own time saver.  It was just a quick copy  and paste from my google docs to form a listicle – #winning!

So here goes (I made it to 55 tips to help you manage your time)

56 tips to help you reduce overwhelm and be more productive with your time in your business and at home

  1. Achievable goals are believable goals.  Break the big goals down into doable chunks.   Many steps make a marathon, my friend!!
  2. Batch like a boss.   Group similar tasks together and tackle them at the same time
  3. Create controls for the rabbit holes.  Manage potential time sucks with a timer so you can manage the researching or googling or scrolling with the doing of things.
  4. Build supports for after  school  sports.   Running around all over town can be tough on your time management.  Team up with other parents who have kids going to the same destination and share the logistic load
  5. Prepare the night before to make mornings less stressful and more productive: lunchboxes, clothes, exercise
  6. Move it for your mindset.   Exercise within your means will help you have a productive and focused mind
  7. Your time is yours to give, so give wisely to help you achieve your goals.
  8. Learn to say no

  9. Do what energises you in business and life
  10. Set up a system for appointments.   I love acuity scheduling – it cuts down the back and forth so clients can see exactly when I am available
  11. Use text to speech to write notes or blogs
  12. Listen to a podcast while you’re walking to learn something new
  13. Utilise “drive time” to speak to clients or touch base with people.
  14. Take holidays – we all need to recharge the batteries (I actually book these in first)
  15. Avoid lowballing your value.  
  16. Be equally good at receiving as you are at giving.   
  17. Create digital free time with your family
  18. Find a mentor to help you grow
  19. Find peers striving for the next level in business and life like you
  20. Consistency is the key to success
  21. Promote your points of difference – the world’s best kept secret finds it hard to make money
  22. Play to your strengths – you’ll get more done

  23. Have a reinvestment strategy for the skills you need
  24. Leave your phone at home on occasions and reconnect with the kids
  25. Make a mindset mantra – mine is I am abundant I am able I am free I receive love and good things.
  26. Block out distractions – put your phone on silent, turn off notifications on your computer and limit “inbox checking”
  27. Braindumps are great for overwhelm.   Group your thoughts by task and tackle urgent items first
  28. Create a “thrive” budget, not just a “survive” budget both for your life and biz.  This means including items that make life a little more enjoyable or help you achieve a goal.
  29. If you learn visually, apps like Trello or Asana can be great to see your “to do’s” on the go, and to track your progress
  30. Process paperwork while you pedicure.  I use xero on my phone to code expenses or even complete bank recs. #winning
  31. You don’t have to do it all. Work out whether learning something new, or hiring someone new is the best use of your time and money.
  32. No one is 100% control freak – I am yet to meet someone who does their own dental work.  Outsource your least favourite task first.
  33. Set your own measures for success in business and life.
  34. Comparing yourself to others is not an income generating activity.

  35. Give your kids age appropriate ways to contribute around the house.  If they can work an ipad, they can sort the socks.
  36. Celebrate your successes, and learn from your failures.
  37. Be productive for your customers by setting up standard templates for your business – graphics, quotations, blogs etc
  38. Remember to take time to reward yourself and your family.  It doesn’t have to be big, just meaningful.
  39. Learn how long things take you & see if you can improve your return on time and energy
  40. Create a 10-15 minute yoga practice in the morning.  It’s great for mindset.    Check out CJoy everywhere if you are a beginner.
  41. Craft complementary collaborations.   If you share a customer audience and have different products, combine your skills and co host a facebook live or webinar
  42. Outwit your outfit.  Adopt a minimalist approach in the wardrobe and cut down on decision making time in the morning.
  43.  Create a dream team.  Take your time to find the right people to help you personally and professionally.   Look for people who love the things you don’t, have a track record and are reliable
  44. Don’t forget to breathe out.  Especially on the tough days where kids turn feral, the washing is sky high and your fuse is short
  45. Eat dinner together.  Talk about what you are grateful for, what went wrong, and what you need help with
  46. Read.  For fun.  For development. For creating.
  47. The battery usage (in settings) on your phone will help you to see how much time you are spending on social media (and all the other apps).  Use it to make some informed decisions around the return on time that you get – either for building business or building other important relationships in your life
  48. Apps like ATracker Pro or OfficeTime can help you track just how much time you are spending on work projects
  49. Create rules for your emails to manage the inbox.  Segment into things like bills to be paid, research, customers and personal.
  50. Unsubscribe from anything that does not add value to your future goals – personal or otherwise.   
  51. Be a clever clogs.  If you have direct debits in place for services or subscriptions, you can send the invoices direct to xero instead of to your inbox.
  52. Take time to reflect on your day, your week, your month and your year.
  53. Remember, you are enough.

  54. Screenshot testimonials or positive feedback  whenever you see them and save them into Drop Box.  They are great for rainy days, and for building your brand credibility.
  55. Be time effective – it’s the one resource we are all given equally, and we only have one life.
  56. If  you get writers’ block, check out Hubspot’s blog generator.  It’s free and it’s fun


Let’s keep this super simple, and drop me your favourite number from the list above.  I’d love to find out what you feel could help you with your time and productivity to reduce overwhelm.




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