Belle would 💕 a Review

Be Brave, Boo!

Words are like waves – they can be powerful

If you’ve read Awkward is the New Brave, your  words can make the difference between me hanging ten, or having a wipeout!  I hold truth in high regard, so please speak from your heart.

Here are my tips on writing reviews like a warrior…

Step 1.  Tell a friend what you thought about the book.

Open Facebook Messenger

Was it easy to read, did it make you laugh, cry, cringe? Would you suggest that you get it as a gift for Jennifer from accounts  for the office Secret Santa?  Did it make you think differently about your own life?

Step 2. Copy your thoughts.

On your phone,  hold your finger down on your chat until Copy, Forward, Remove appear.  click Copy.

On your computer, highlight the text, and press CTRL +C or Command +C

Go to Amazon (here)  scroll down and leave a review, boo.

Hit paste, Simple.


Step 3.  Share on Insta

I’d love to see what you and the book are up to.

Click here to open insta and share a pic of where you are reading the book with your review.   Tag me in @bellelockerby or with #awkwardisthenewbrave . I’d love to share your posts on stories & to facie.


Your support is genuinely appreciated.  Much love . Belle xx