Socially (Media) Awkward? 

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I'm proud to say we are fauxmily

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Option 1:

Belle has this word called fauxmily that she totally made up.  Basically, fauxmily are the friends who are like family.  Belle and I are like distant cousins/sisters/birthdaytwins/the two family members that accidentally snort laugh when you are supposed to be quiet at a family function.  Anyway, like any good fauxmily, I’m supporting her and sharing her book.  I can’t wait to read it.

I’m buying the paperback on  Amazon and maybe the e-book onApple

Option 2:

There are some people who you can not speak to for years and then pick up the phone and talk like it was yesterday.  That would be Belle and I.   I’ve been watching her book journey and I’m pumped to say its now for sale.  I’ve just bought like 12 copies.  Guess what you are all getting for Christmas!!

You can get it here  on Amazon and the e-book on Apple

Option 3:

This woman is like a sister to me.  She ticks the boxes on that inner circle stuff as we laugh at the same jokes, know that we are there for each other no matter what, and can tell the truth without judgement.  When she talks about being a safe space, that is pretty much what we have with each other.   I’m really proud to support her with her book.  Full of love for you, Belle, and I know you love me too.  #awkwardisthenewbrave

Find her paperback book on  Amazon and  the e-book version onApple

I'm part of Belle's community

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Option 1:

A little while ago, I got to do mumpreneur with Belle.   I’ve just bought her book  online and can’t wait to read it.  Actually, maybe I’ll buy the ebook version too, as I’ve totes got FOMO.  And she’s right, we are a force! #awkwardisthenewbrave

You can look at all the ways to buy her book here

Option 2:

I first met Belle doing Start Up Smart/Artpreneur/Migrant Enterprising Women/Leverage/Business Power Up through the City of Mandurah.  I’ve heard her daggy jokes IRL and I can’t wait to see what’s in her book.

 If you want to know more, check her media kit out here

Option 3:

OMG I read the book blurb and have already Lol’d, and thought about getting a pedicure.  Anyway, my friend Belle has her first book out now.   She’s helped me to be brave in the past, so I can’t wait to see how she has been brave and find out more about her story.

You can find out more over at

Something about fainting goats and wine🤷‍♀️

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Option 1:

Things I have in common with Belle:  We both read books. We both value the truth.  We both like to laugh.

Things that are different:  She’s written a book.   I can’t wait to read it – I’ve just ordered my copy on Amazon

Option 2:

I know that one day Belle wants a little farm with fainting goats where she can write more books and drink red wine and grow vegies.  I like the idea of hanging out with her on that farm, watching goats faint and drinking red wine so I’m buying her brand new book Awkward is the New Brave.  You should help me drink red wine with Belle and buy her book too. 

She even made a page so its easy to buy either paperback or e-books anywhere in the world.  Cheeck it out here  #awkwardisthenewbrave #farmgoals


Option 3:

You know what I like?  Strong, brave, honest, funny people who sometimes snort laugh. From what I’ve heard, this is my kind of book (even with the swears in there).  My friend told me about this book. I’ve just bought it.  You should totally share this and tag in your other snort laughing friends.

Read about Belle’s Book Awkward is the New Brave over at Amazon

We worked together

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Option 1:

I can’t believe my friend Belle has written a book!   We worked together many moons ago.  Wonder if I’m in the book🤔

I’ve just been checking it out on Amazon

Option 2:

OMG I’ve just bought my friend Belle’s first book Awkward is the New Brave from ibooks.  Can’t wait to read it on the weekend/train/riding my camel.


Option 3 (We worked together at BP)

Nice to see that green and gold is still in Belle’s life.  Can’t wait to support her and read her book, Awkward is the New Brave.  Maybe we will get her in to talk about being brave and dealing with Awkward conversations in the workplace. (alright, Belle added that bit in as a plug for 2020 speaking gigs hint hint)





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