Being a mum is hard.

Being a business owner is hard.

Combine the two and you’ve got a swirling, bubbling cauldron of challenges to navigate.

But you know what? Over the 6 years, I’ve been working for myself, I discovered something strange.

Owning my own business actually makes me a much better mum.

It’s not just in the obvious, be-there-when-they-get-home-from-school kind of way. (Although it does do that.)

My business life seeps into so many other areas of mum life and it’s helping me raise smarter, stronger, kinder, more resilient children.

6 Ways Being a Business Owner Makes Me a Better Mum

Being present for my kids

I missed out on so much time when my kids were little, sending them off to daycare while I worked in my corporate Marketing and Sales Strategy job. I knew it would never allow me the kind of time freedom I needed to be the kind of mum I wanted to be.

Now that I run my own business, I don’t have to negotiate with a boss for time to make pasta with pre-primary students or watch my daughter get a certificate at assembly. I give myself that permission.

I block out my kids’ milestones in my calendar first and then plan my work hours. My clients are happy to work within my available hours. No one’s quizzed me on whether I’m fingerpainting that day.  


Being a mumpreneur also means I can design my work schedule to give me 12 weeks of holidays every year, while still making 6-figures. (I’m sharing exactly how I do this next week on the blog — stay tuned!)

Developing a positive relationship with money

My kids have a positive relationship with money. My business is a big reason why.

My kids like that Mum’s business means she can generate income to pay for cool stuff. They’re very aware of how it all works.

We have conversations about money that just wouldn’t come up if I didn’t have my own business. We talk about what we choose to spend on, why it’s important to do what you love, and how to value your self-worth.

The other day, my daughter negotiated a better rate for filing my paperwork! I didn’t like bumping up my admin costs…but I love that she’s not afraid to ask for more.

Stronger family unit

I quickly learned that I burn myself out doing #allofthethings. I just don’t have enough energy to do all the work-work AND all the housework. So I bring in my kids to help.

They understand that being part of a family means working together. They’re learning to take responsibility and work as part of a team. They’ve gained confidence when they see how their chores affect the rest of the family.

Even little things like cleaning up their rooms for pocket money makes a big difference to our family dynamic. My son Archie — who’s six — will actively seek out chores if he has his eye on a new Flash figurine and knows it ain’t gonna magically appear. (Unless it’s Christmas. Then it might.)

Bringing my best self to the Mum game

A big thing that I talk about in Mumpreneur101 is the whole wellbeing piece.

As a mum, self-care is huge. Because if you fall over, EVERYTHING falls over. You don’t get a sick day when you’re a mum. Especially not as a single mum — when I’m feeling naff, nobody’s there to hand me a blanket and a cup of soup. They’re jumping on the bed demanding banana pancakes for breaky.

As a mumpreneur, you get the rare opportunity to factor wellbeing into your career. You can make sure to schedule time for the gym, yoga, making green juice, meditation, reading, bubble baths, Chris Hemsworth marathons, whatever you need to stay healthy and balanced.

Nobody wants to be that mum who comes home from the office overworked and exhausted — too tired to make dinner or help with homework or play with the kids. That was my reality most days in my corporate life. Time is too precious to waste it being burned out.

I’m so grateful that my business lets me schedule time to recharge. That means the best me shows up for my kids every day.

More money = more opportunities for our family

I’m not a big “money” person. Money isn’t what drives me.

But at the same time, I want my kids to have as many opportunities as they can. And money allows for that.

Owning my own business gives me control of my financial picture. My income isn’t limited by a boss, or a department budget, or a job title.

As a mumpreneur, there’s no ceiling to what you can earn. Seriously! Claire, a mum in my She Works Smart program, earns 6-figures as a food blogger working from home. When you know how to leverage your strengths and work smarter, your income potential is sky-high.

Working from home also allows me to reduce my expenses, which makes a big difference to our family budget.

I don’t have the cost of childcare. I don’t need a fancy corporate wardrobe — though sometimes, I put on old “work clothes” for the mindset thing at home…but suits, begone! I save money on petrol for the commute. I don’t pay for pricey lunches out. I write off a portion of our mortgage, utilities, and more as home office expenses.

Being my own boss, I make more AND I spend less. That means more opportunities for our family, which is a really beautiful thing.

Happier mum

I get to do what I love every day. I choose customers that line up with my own values and projects that line up with my strengths. That makes me a much happier mum to my kids.

I get to be myself in my business. I tend to be a little bit of a daggy, fun — and if you ask my daughter Abby, slightly embarrassing — person, in terms of who I am. I get to keep that authenticity in my business. I don’t have to act any certain way. Being able to embrace who I am across all parts of my life has made me a much happier person.

Having my own business also gives me an identity beyond just being a “mum”. Using a different part of your brain, having an adult conversation, and being respected for your work is something a lot of mums don’t get nearly enough of.

My business gives me something that floats MY boat, that’s just for me. It reminds me that there’s still a me inside who is not defined by a single role like “mum”. That’s the kind of message I want to pass on to my daughter, and even my son, when they have kids someday.

On the flipside, being a mum makes you a way better business owner, too.


As a mum, you already possess so many of the skills that a business owner needs: you understand the big picture, you’re super aware of your time, you’re organized, you’re flexible, you focus in on your priorities like a laser.

Mums can cook dinner while helping with math problems while working out next week’s grocery list while tending to a scraped knee…without breaking a sweat. Your experience as a mum already sets you up for success as a business owner, whether you realize it or not.

I’ve got a feeling the Age of Mumpreneurs has come. Who’s with me?

Next week on the blog, I’m sharing my system for taking 12 weeks of holiday each year…while still making multi 6-figures. This is a question I’m asked about constantly so I wanted to unveil the exact process I use/ Keep an eye on your inbox for that!


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