The post I intended writing this weekend was on productivity and minimalism from a wardrobe perspective.  Instead, I am writing a productivity one about…..

Which social media schedulers can handle multiple images in a single post

A multi image scheduling tool is most likely to be useful if you are wanting to engage through the following topics:

  • Before and after images
  • Vote type posts on images
  • An item five ways (e.g. chicken/ a scarf, or a chicken wearing a scarf if that’s your thing) – you get the gist.

Why this post?

Well, I have been working with a bunch of awesome ladies in a program to help them leverage technology, and a few of them are creatives where the likes of Hootsuite is just not cutting the mustard for the multi image post scheduling needs.

So, I thought I would take on the challenge and do some testing because well, I am a nerd and there is total crap on TV.

First, I have to acknowledge that this is not a comprehensive post on social media schedulers.   You can find a great list here where I based my testing research, as this was not one of the criteria that Dylan (the author) tested, so I’m hoping it adds value to his article too.

The testing is pretty simple – can the social media scheduler post multiple images (to Facebook pages and/or groups), and can I find out without handing over credit card details?

I’ll start with the fails in this test (because, you know, all that techie techie excitement about the winners)…

Test results:  who fails the “post multiple images in one post” to Facebook pages and groups

Most of  these have loads of other great features, but they fail this particular test.

Social Pilot.

While I was holding great hopes here as their curated content is pretty awesome for a very affordable price, they failed the multi image test.  More disappointing was the fact that I had a call booked in with them, and sat there on google hangouts  So a few teething problems I think.  They could be very promising for single image users though, including have a curated content tool.


 My current social scheduler, I had high hopes and even after testing their recommended solution, I was disappointed to find that it would post correctly the first time, and then into a photo album after that, but not post multi images.   Whilst the multi image is not a functionality I need, I am currently looking for a new scheduler as we just have different priorities now.  Hootsuite, it’s not me, it’s you… I’m sorry.  We are breaking up.

Smarter Queue

This newbie to the scheduleosphere has some great gusto, but being new means that they are still developing this feature.  They can currently only post one image at a time, but I would definitely put them in the running when they develop the feature.

If you are not in need of a multi, they are ideal if you have lots of content to upload – set up is actually quite fast, and if you are using evergreen prompts, they are GOLD (and more affordable than Meet Edgar)

Promo Republic

At this stage, I am starting to fade in my testing prowess.  Promo republic are great if you need fresh content already curated, but they can’t do the multi,  so on this one it’s a ba-bao.  Do not pass go.  

Yes, they can deliver it, but only one image at a time. (note fade on Friday night testing mojo – the number of emails I am going to get, I’m going to have to buy the VA flowers for messing up the inbox… again)

Can only post one image at a time, however the curation of content is really impressive, down to the geographic locality.  Definitely worth looking at for specific accounts, and one I will keep diarised away for one of my facie pages, as that is a pretty nifty thing indeed.

The sign up process was so difficult, I could not even be arsed after it came back with an error on verifying the pin so that one is out.  Make it easy.  Customers are lazy.


For its price, and for handing over credit card details, I ruled this one out – starting at $99 per month, it needs a well placed decimal point for this nerdburger to be persuaded, despite the customisation options for content.

Friends plus me

Only allows single image post.  Looks pretty affordable though for teams and individuals on a per account basis.


Only allows single image post, but you can access stock images and see what is trending.   Loads of other benefits, but for the “multi image” test, it fails.

As much as I am a sucker for the branding of this spiffy little social octopus, and see loads of benefits with the recycling of content, he fails the multi image post test, so our little squiddy socialiser is chippety chopped for now.

Social Oomph

Well, testing this one took a bit of oomph, so like, they really need to think about the user experience and remove barriers for customer to see if it is a good fit.  As for testing, you can only do this on the professional account, which their sign up states “yes, I want to sign up for my 168 hours free” (7 days).  So… nope.  Especially when the next hurdle is connecting your faceook api.  So a little more developing, my friends to streamline the sign up process.

Once again the on boarding process is a little clunky, and when I went through registering, I could not seem to reset my password, so this one has not been tested due to difficulty to test.



At $99 per user per month, this scheduler has loads of bells and whistles, but just not this Belle (haha) because that is exey for my stage of biz.  To answer, the “can it post a multi image in one post q”, I signed up for the free one month trial and then aborted testing when it would only let me continue if I had a twitter account.  As twittering is not my focus, I really didn’t fancy creating a twitter account to test.



Winners of the “which social media schedulers can post more than one image in a single post” contest


Postcron was super easy to use.  It has the option to add images after bulk upload of content links, which I like.  A further little bonus, you can add your logo to images, which is cool if you need some branding, or protecting your goods

Very easy to use, and posts to groups and pages.  Winner winner chicken dinner!

Compared to Buffer, Postcron is more cost effective to use for the multi with more than one account.


Good ole buffer meets the requirement.   It is restrictive in terms of the free offer with one account per social profile (e.g. one Facebook group or page, one linked profile etc), but if you are looking for something basic and free, and only have a single Facebook page to manage, then buffer will work for you.


Allowing a maximum of 6 images, you can create carousels.  Can also create dark posts (ooh spooky spooky) which really means they don’t appear on Facebook, but can be promoted. Impressive news feed targeting

Great if you are graphically inclined and working with VA’s/Graphic designers and clients to manage work flows and share creative assets.   Probably overcomplicated for a solopreneur though – I think postcron can do the job better for a multi image post.  Also, on the facie front, it  can only post to pages, not to Facebook groups, which means it can’t take out the winner.

By the time I got halfway through the alphabet, I was feeling kuku myself.  I really should be cooking dinner for the kids, but hey noodles it is (it is Friday at the time of writing after all and they are watching a movie).

Anyway, here’s how KUKU landed.  Yes, you can post multi images to pages. Seems to have issues posting multi images to a group though, so it’s a possibility, but seems a little slow on the response to Facebook

Social Champ

Social champ also makes the cut for the multi image in one post, and when it comes to scheduling you can recycle content on up to a daily basis  as it will delete duplicates.  Scheduling beyond a 24 hour cycle currently seems difficult.  But like getting my kids to eat steamed brocoli.

Status Brew (this just makes me think of beer)

OK so with the testing nearly over, if you were doing this on a hot day, you’d probably want to reach for a beer, but I don’t drink beer so it just makes me think of going on holidays and finishing the testing.

So who gets the grand poobar prize on being able to include multiple images in a post to Facebook pages and groups?


Postcron was so easy to use, affordable, and great for creative entrepreneurs who are keen to get the conversation happening with more than one image in a post.


What about other productivity features?

I’ll definitely do some more productivity reviews on social schedulers.   If you could get a snapshot on a particular feature to help you decide, what would it be?  Team affordability?  Ability to see all activity on one dashboard (like my ex, Hootie).  

Feel free to let me know in the comments below, or check out Dylan‘s article – he’s even got a spreadsheet in there where you can filter for what you are looking for.


Until next time, skates on gorg!