This is my most favourite productivity hack ever.  

Like I totally nerded myself out on this productivity jam!

If you guys have ever caught me on a fb live, or met me in person, you will know that I am a big believer in owning your time and leveraging the crap out of it to achieve what you want in life and in business.  

Here’s why you have time to write a 1000 word blog post.

There is no such thing as time poor – you are just not time effective, and here’s the reason that time poor is a crock:

Time is the one resource that every single one of us are provided equally.  

Now I’m talking about hours in a day, not lifespan.  Whether you are a mother of CEO, a mompreneur, a pro athlete or a librarian word nerding it out,  we all have 24-hour is in the day.  It is the one resource we all get given equally, therefore you can’t be poor with it, but you can be ineffective with it.

What we do with our time makes a massive difference in terms of what income we can generate for our business and the quality of life that we can choose to have.  Yep, I’m really big on leveraging your time and getting a good return on energy.  Like big girl pants big.

Now you know my why, let’s get into this hack shall we?

How do you get a 1000 word blog written in 10 minutes, Belle?

Good question! I understand that some people find it really hard to write a blog post and it can feel quite tedious.  I have seen some people talk about how it takes an hour or a whole day to write a blog, while  I see others say that it takes in a week to write a blog.  Pretty much every person can have a conversation though, and because we can speak faster than we type by almost 100%, this is sure to save you time.

This blog writing hack can get you to write 1000 words in basically 10 minutes.  How freakin’ cool is that?  

Structure the topic or idea for the 1000 word blog post.

Once I have my idea I tend to step it out and think about the key points that I want to make. In  this article the key points that I’m looking for is this:

  • Why you have time to write a blog
  • How to get your blog written in under 10 minutes
  • Make your environment 10 minute blog friendly
  • Tech to make a 1000 word blog post happen in 10 minutes
  • Talk to your invisible customer

Step out  your five  to seven subheadings for your blog like above.

Make your environment “10 minute blog friendly”

If you’ve got small children and are a mamma working from home  (like me)  kids may keep interrupting  (like now) so getting those sub heads out stops you losing your train of thought.   be sure to set the kids up with an activity so you are both prepared for your 10 minute blog.

If you are not prepared, it might take you an hour or a day or maybe your whole entire life depending on how big your kids are.  I mean,  can  you stay all zen as fuck and keep your writing focus while they are whacking you in the back of the head with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?

 I can for maybe two minutes and ten seconds, then I have to stop, or end up with head trauma and a kid who grows up to be “that kid”   Just set up the activity. Tick.  (edit – I did not speak the word fuck in front of my kids, that was edited after – I said zen as a yoga chicken haha).


Choose your tech to make a 1000 word blog post happen in 10 minutes

I am a big lover of Apple products and therefore I’m going to take you through that option first because it is the fastest and most effective that I have seen in my testing.  Note:   this is not using SIRI as I want to digitally slap her sometimes for her lack of understanding.

If you are like me, you might like to grab a cheat sheet for a handy reference later on.  just click the image below to get it

Apple lovers: Use dictation on your Mac to write 1000 words in 10 minutes

You can use dictation straight into your WordPress blog platform, or onto an apple pages or word if you’d like to work in a document first or you can dictate straight into squarespace or mix –  basically any platform will work no matter what website structure.  Here’s the steps:

On your Apple, go to settings and choose keyboards.

In the keyboards area,  choose  dictation

In  the dictation tab, set dictation to on and also select the option for advanced dictation.   This is the fastest way to see things happen it will take roughly 5 minutes for the changes to download on your Mac.

Once dictation is set up,  open up your blog admin area and  create a new post.  You can basically start dictating out what you are thinking in your head. To do this you just need to press the function key twice  (fn) and it will pop up with a microphone on your screen where you can start talking.  SOOO AMAAAAZZZZING!!!  

It’s not going to get everything 100% perfect – you will have to go back and do a little bit of editing to your post but it’s much much faster than typing everything out.  I would say the accuracy of speech to text using this method is around about 98%.  you can even say new line, new paragraph etc… 

According to it takes 7.7 minutes to speak 1000 words.

If it takes a 7.7 minutes to speak 1000 words that’s a speed of 129 words per minute.  I type fairly fast at 75 words per minute with a 98% accuracy.   Being able to dictate and get text to speech means that I’m cutting my time in half as I know I can think faster than I type.  Most of us think 4 times faster than we talk!!  

For the android lovers….

If you don’t have apple, you could use the android app, swift key.   There is a link for it right here

I can’t tell you what the accuracy is for android, because y’know – #teamapple over here…..

Mutual device options for when you are getting creative but not near your computer.

Use Speech to text function in Google Docs

The great thing about google docs is its free!!  To get your blog happening this way, Head into google docs,  tools, then settings speech to text.  I quite like to do this on my phone, as cloud based google love means its just a quick copy and paste from docs to WordPress.

 You do need decent Internet speed though because otherwise the whole process gets slowed down, and you feel like you are speaking at the speed sloth.  Stupid Australian internet.

Have an Invisible Friend/Customer Conversation.

Professional copywriters definitely help, but sometimes they are out of the budget, and if you are working on writing but are worried about your grammar, or how you sound, you might find speech to text is your best buddy in beating the blogging blues (Alliteration alert – whoops did it again haha)

This will help you get your voice out in an authentic and real way.  If this is something you struggle with, invite a mate over so that you can do this activity and get your blog done at the same time – they get some cool free advice, and you get a blog super fast – sweet!  

Polish off your 1000 word post

Once the dictation is finished, its a quick edit of headlines and I’m done!   The accuracy was so amazing it took me no time at all.

Seeming I’m saving time and using 10 minutes to write this blog post I’m now going to use the other 3 or 4 hours it would take me to get my thoughts out to post to go play with the kids!

How much time do you think this method could save you in writing a 1000 word blog post?   Drop me a comment if you think you’d try it, and let me know how you go

You can always grab the cheat sheet for later by clicking here or on the image below.

How to write a blog stress free in ten minutes

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PS total word count is 1352 – total time including editing 22 minutes!!