Raindrops on roses and whispers on kittens…. wait, wait, what?   I’m a dog person.  


Double shot lattes and clutter free kitchens…♪♩

Sangria’s on Sundays and kids that aren’t bitchens?? ♪♩

An Amazon Parcel when my doorbell rings (actually I don’t have a doorbell) ♪♩

These are a few of my favourite things…. 

Yes, people it’s a totally non-business, not on brand or SEO’d for anything reflection.

I thought I’d do a post sharing some of my fave purchases and people that I’ve discovered on a personal or a business front. They all float my boat from a branding and productivity perspective. Bonus! I kept this post to things that you can access from anywhere online, so feel free to support some awesome entrepreneurs and get on over to their sites for a sneaky peek.   Be warned, though – your credit card may get used!

  Given it is gift giving time, I’ll kick off with my shopping faves.    

Home Grown Faves for Style + Branding

Laced with Kindness

This is the brand most likely to usurp my Project 333 minimalist wardrobe practices,  I first met the founder, Alicja, in one of my face-to-face entrepreneur programs.  What I love most about this brand is it’s reason for coming into existence.

Small business favouritesAlicja started this beautiful Australian based company when she couldn’t find a suitable gift for friends who had experienced miscarriages, and she wanted to express her compassion and caring for them.  Crafting bracelets, necklaces and now earrings and rings, Alicja combines both crystals and patron saints for personalised gifts.

My fave item of all time is my yellow howlite bracelet.   I love it so much that it’s almost guiding my wardrobe decisions (not that I’m shopping right now, being a minimalist and all- wink wink).

I mean, who needs clothing right?   I’m just gonna wear 33 strategically placed beaded pieces all at once.   Wonder if I can get a howlite romper??  See – makes me happy and joyful just writing about it.


Favourite Place to Shop Online and Get a Productivity/Minimalism Win


Birdsnest is one of my productivity shopping favourites – we are seasonal pals. Why do I love them?  Well, I think I have mentioned before that I am strong on productivity and strategy for brands, but when it comes to pulling together “the visuals” – including my wardrobe, I outsource that mother to another mother.

I love that I can get inspiration at a minimum and stay within a budget at a maximum to pull looks together.   With their site sorting outfits by personality, occasion, body shape, colour and size, they save me a ton of time and stress.

It’s time-saving because I can get my style sorted (and stay within the minimalist rules!) in under an hour . I’ve even outsourced the outfit selection to the kids which has been interesting.

And stress-saving, because my kids like shopping for themselves and find mum trying on shoes pretty boring.  They tend to turn on me like rancid cheese an hour into a shop that is not focused on them – hiding in racks, my son puts bras on his head like a hat, and my daughter just encourages it.

I must say,  they are very good when a parcel turns up and they give me their level ten honest feedback about how I look. Childlike honesty. It has no filter. 

As you can see, my personal shopping list is preeetty short and sweet.


Branding Favourites for Entrepreneur Community and Connection

Okay, so this list is probably a little more extensive.  I’d like to start with one of my top values though – community.

Whenever I look at joining a Facebook community, I’m looking for ones that I want to spend time in, that are more focused on the “do’s” than the “don’ts”, and feel like my kind of people.

You know that feeling when you walk into a room, and the vibe is like “yeah, this is me” or you feel totally awkward like you are standing naked in a room full of plastic surgeons at the ready with their black permanent markers?   Personally, I prefer the first feeling.

Which is why if you haven’t met them yet, you should check out these super cool chicks…

Badassery Facebook Group

Founders of Badassery Magazine, Kathy and Samantha are a “promo positive” Facebook group.   It is soo refreshing to see the amount of support they have for female entrepreneurs.  I’ve also had a front row seat watching Kathy and Samantha kick goals. Definitely check out their podcast (one of my go to’s while driving or vacuuming).

I will warn you though. If you are all up in your knickers about not embracing your inner swear bear (not that f-bombs are mandatory) and easily offended, then this tribe is not for you.   Balancing a bit of mystical woo with a kick in the pants for actionable support, this community has become one of my faves.

The Badass team are consistently putting out content, and really big on visibility. What’s more, they also fit with my own values on giving back. Currently, they’re donating $1 to charities which were nominated by their group for every new member who joins their Facebook group as part of their 12 days of Christmas (capped at a $100 a day).

I’m sure they will continue to grow and be one of my faves in 2018.  Ones to watch, people. 

Melyssa Griffin’s BBH & Pursuit with Purpose.

A different tone to Badassery, there is definitely no swearing in BBH, or on the Pursuit with Purpose Podcast.  The Blog to Biz Hive Academy was a paid investment for me this year, and fits with my strategic goals for 2018.

When it comes to choosing how I develop my skills, sometimes I will invest in a course to access community as well as knowledge.    Opening only once a year, BBH has been great for accountability around getting blogs out consistently, and seeing what other strategies I can learn from a successful and seasoned online entrepreneur like Melyssa.

I’ve met some awesome women in BBH from around the world, like  Parisienne Elise who writes on happiness over at Elisa Card,  plus yogi CJ from CJoyEverywhere.   Two ladies I look forward to incorporating  practices from in my goals for 2018 on the fitness and feel good front.

Why else does this make my list for this year?  Like Badassery, Melyssa Griffin is big on giving back through supporting charities like Pencils of Promise to help build schools in third world countries.

If you aren’t in the market yet for BBH, check out her podcast (this is one of my favourites with Chris Harder) where Melyssa chats to entrepreneurs on topics from money mindsets through to how to stay grounded when your goals are sky high.


Biz Besties and Supports I’m Most Grateful For

Marnie Cate

Back to my local roots, Marnie is one of my IRL best friends.

When it comes to business and life, it’s important to distinguish the difference between “friend friends” and “fake friends”. You know, where give and receive is one way, and more like “you give, they take”.  Marnie is what I would call my “balance” friend.   For me it feels equal on both sides.  I know we would both call each other out if it ever was not that way.

Marnie calls to see how I am, and I totally am grateful and appreciate that.  Those supports are needed at all stages of your journey, so having someone who gets you and you can bounce with is really important.   I hope you all have a Marnie (or a Belle) in your life.

Marnie knows winter and I are not mental health friends, and she knows that the day I look forward to most in the year (besides Christmas and birthdays) is winter solstice because it signals the next day – daylight is on the up.  Yeah – later winter!

I have a few more friends who fit into this category too.  At the risk of this blog getting looong, I’ve kept it to just Marns because I would talk to her every other day.

If you want to know more about meditation, or the energy healing modality she has developed, go check her out.

The AK Collective

A big part of my development goals for this year was to find a reliable team with experience and track record.   Thanks to a bit of google-y research, I found Amber and her team to help with the content distribution.

While new to my world, Amber and her team have been amazing.   Ever had someone find the nuggets of gold in your content and then polish them up for you?  That is just what Amber and her team have done.   I’ve seen my blogs come to life in quotes that made me blush and go “did I say that?”

If your business is growing to the point where you need to start outsourcing,  I’d highly recommend checking out Amber and her team. Outsourcing lets you focus on your zone of genius in business and be more productive.  There will come a point where you can’t do #allthethings.

Thanks so much, Amber, Lane & co.  Looking forward to 2018!

AJ Harrington

Ah the talented Miss Harrington.  I get to meet such amazing talent through the face-to-face programs I run.  I help with strategy and tools. They create.  It gets better and better every year.

If you think that you need fancy pants cameras and skills to make your product shine, check out her blog.  AJ shares her tips and tricks on how to tell a visual story.

I got AJ to sub for me in face-to-face workshops this year where she helped some creative entrepreneurs bring their products to life.   Her tips are valuable, and I’d have to say my favourite one is how to set up flat lays.

Even the visually challenged moi managed to create a bit of a spunky on-brand flat lay (to the left, to the left).

Go-To for Foodspo 

Sprinkles and Sprouts

You know how some married people live vicariously through their single friends?   Well, my taste buds live vicariously through food blogs.   Being a single mum with kids that are yet to develop an adventurous palate, food appreciation is low. My cooking mojo is pretty much dead in the dirt.

Meet my entrepreneurial blogger friend, Claire.   Quite often I find myself wanting to lick the screen of my phone. That or do a late night drive by her kitchen window and be a ninja on a leftovers fridge raid.   Those actions may push the friendship boundaries, so I won’t do that.  Yet.

There are lots of awesome things about Claire.  For one, we share the same birthday which makes her awesome straight away.  Second, Claire has also been part of the workshop collaboration team.  Claire has come in to talk about Pinterest and google for some workshops I’ve run.  Three, she is funny, humble and really good with food.  

Gay marriage being legalised in Australia means I would probably marry Claire for her cooking.  If Claire wasn’t married already…. and I was actually gay.  

Four, did I say food?   I mean, this lady has it going on in the kitchen.   Given Claire and I both have birthdays this week, why not join us in celebrating with either a sangria or a martini. 

OK I need to wrap this up as the list of my favess will turn into an epic blogathon, so I’ll need to write another.

I’m about to compile a list of favourite blogs to read over the holidays, so if you have any, feel free to drop me a link below.   

Anyway, I’d love to hear if you have a fave  product, community, or blog.  Have the most wonderful festive season and catch you on the flip side


With gratitude!