Behaving Bravely Bootcamp Group Transformational Life + Business Coaching

For Women who are Strong and Soft,   Vulnerable and Victorious in Business and Life

You need a  Brave Squad



Being a Solo-Preneur has been great.. BUUUT

You’re serious about your next phase

You need accountability, with other women going through growth

You know that doing *allthethings* is not possible


You’ve tried and tested different staff and strategies

You know you need to expand, and you need exposure

You even want some automation, and direction on cracking the next space

Yet when it comes to finding *the* right people (not the Yes, I’m committed to my craft but I’m really not), it’s been a hard slog.

 Plus, there is so much information out there, that if you fall into one more google rabbit hole or  flood of facebook recommendations, you are going to start feeling like you are in some weird version of The Apprentice meets Jumanji (sans The Rock ☹️ )

I know them feels.

I’ve rummaged the resource racks and know who the best of the best are.

And I’m happy to share them with you

What happens in Group Coaching?  We kick off with your plan for the year, and take a quarterly focus.  With weekly accountability each Monday calls, this is all about getting things done A fast track to your next level

I help you tap into what you need next & structure to fit around your changing life & business.  

This is about making sure your short term actions are completed in line with your long term goals.

You are empowered to delegate the work, so that you run your business; it doesn’t run you.

Whats’s included in the bootcamp (pricing in AUD)

  • 8 x  2 hour group coaching calls  strategy call to map out your short and long term goals, plus monitoring of your goals ($970 ex GST)
  • Access to my tried and tested hand picked team  (their services are extra) across finance, marketing, PR, virtual assistance, graphic design, editing & system implementation, including pricing guides to help you budget & plan for outsourcing ($495 ex GST)
  • 1 x 45 minute monthly one on one call valued at $495 ex GST
  • Media opportunity sharing
  • Templates & swipe files as requested
  • Feedback & guidance on understanding & selecting strategic options

Total Value : over $1,970 ex GST


Over $1K in savings with the Group Coaching Package.  

Working with Belle transformed my business and my belief in it. (That sounds so corny but it is 100% true!)  I experienced a change of pace within my business, I learnt to manage my time better and set myself truely testing yet achievable goals.


Professional Food Blogger, Sprinkles and Sprouts


I need customisation & copy - will I get this?

I can provide feedback on your copy & tweaks to make, yet  the goal of this program is to coach, challenge, & cheer you on in your courageous decisions.  I’ll 100% have your back.

If you are wanting me to “do the doing” for you – e.g. write your launch sequence, create copy, content, or project manage your online course, this would be out of scope of the group coach program.

How will I find time?

I love time.  Part of our program is looking at how you are currently structured and setting you up for success.

Just like engaging a Personal Trainer, who can give you guidance on what to eat, you ultimately make the decision on how you fuel yourself. 

An important part of this conversation is digging in to your awareness on how and why you make decisions. 


What if you identify "red flags"

I’ll definitely highlight risks, and provide guidance around the right professionals to seek out.  I am not a lawyer or an accountant; I am a writer & change professional,

What if I can't make the live calls?

No problem!

As long as you submit your question and focus, you will get my answer.  All calls will be recorded and available for you to securely review via email.

This might break my bank - what do you recommend?

 I believe in being responsible with how you invest.  

Duty of care as a coach means I would rather you be in a yoga position than a fetal position – a stretch is fine and can be a great motivator; a stress that will break your marriage, your mortgage, or your mindset is not.  

I want you to be ready, and to get value out of this.

Can I get a refund?

This is a non refundable commitment of resources – time and cashola. 

 I’ll be working to ensure you get value.

Will you tell me if you think my ideas are dumb?

The conversation would go along the lines of “what does this succeeding look like to you” “what are you prepared to risk” “have you considered these challenges/opportunities?”

Belles willingness to help out, her ability to pinpoint areas for improvement and then offer solutions is brilliant.  She is super supportive and helps her clients in any way she can. The best thing about working with Belle is her sense of humour. She makes even the dry topics enjoyable.

Nicole Weaver

Creative Director, Brand Artisans