You have just hit an energy wall.

Let’s see:  It’s the 15th of January…about the time that any well-meaning resolutions relating to health and well being start becoming defunct.  You are back into work mode.  And at 3pm you find yourself reaching for that Snickers Bar. Or coffee. Or other sugar-caffeine charged snacking combination.  Energy has slumped. A quick fix will get you through, right?  Wrong!

You are changing your system. What you do from 3pm today is going to roll over to the next day.

Caffeine and sugar start to impact your ability to get a good night’s sleep.  Your early morning exercise gets derailed and before you know it, you are riding the highs and lows of the energy well being wall.

So what is your energy impacting?

Does this sound familiar?

I’m too busy. It’s too hard. I’m too tired. I’m too bored. It’s not important. I’m okay.  I can’t find time.

Instead of taking care of ourselves, we get run down and our previous happy holiday mode accompanied by sunshine, sleep and a side salad hits a wall.  We start to appoint blame for our busyness that may look or sound like this: “If you dare speak to me  before 9am I will rip your head off, find your oesophaegus, season it with paprika, grill it and eat it with a side of fries. Now get me my COFFEEEE!!!!”

Know someone who perhaps needs a sleep and some fresh air that sounds like this? Hmmm.

Want to know why?

Priorities.  We are busy prioritising things other than our well being.  Looking for quick fixes or ways to push through large work loads,  busy saying ‘yes’ to things that perhaps we should say ‘no’ to.  And we are not paying attention to WHY we are making these decisions that derail our well being.

Worst, we are not thinking about the long-term consequences of ignoring our own operating systems.  Trust me, when you are 86 years old, Clive from accounting will not remember that you sacrificed your morning exercise to work on a project – but your osteoporosis riddled bones will!

How do you improve?

Stop and take stock.  Is how you prioritise your activities and time connected to your well being goal? Does your approach play to your own strengths?

I remember sitting in a personal trainers’ office post baby #2 one year, and the following statement has been hard wired into my brain ever since:

Whether you believe you can, or believe you can’t you are right!

So how do you flick the switch and keep your well being energised?

Here are five tips to find the door to your well being:

  1. Learn how to say no – nicely!  Sometimes we overcommit ourselves for fear of offending others or fear of missing out on opportunities.
  2. Set your environments up for success.  This means, if you are tempted to eat chocolate (like me) – don’t buy it in the first place.  Avoid the aisles.  Ensure that you get your family to support you on your well being quest. Make sure you have a healthy snack on hand at 3pm, or get up and go for a walk until the Cadbury cravings dissipate.
  3. Lunch Breaks.  Use them. Get up, get out, go for a walk.  Have a walking meeting if you have to, but make your well being a priority.  Block out your calendar and do not budge on the commitment to creating healthy energy.
  4. Adapt your strengths to your well being.   If you notice that you get bored easily, make it a goal to change up your fitness routine once a quarter to keep it fresh. Stay on the search for healthy, fresh recipes that use veggies.  How do you know if you are eating healthy?  Eat colourfully (and I don’t mean m&m’s – I mean unprocessed or packaged nude food, dude!)
  5. Own your time.  You are in charge of how you use it (see first tip).  If you need to create space, look at what you can outsource, delegate or delete to get some time and energy back.

What’s your top energy tip?

I’m curious, what  do you do to keep your well being a priority?  Is there a great tip that you would like to share with others?