#awkwardstripper brave

Next time you set yourself a personal or business goal, ask yourself – are you being awkward stripper brave?

What does that mean, might you ask?

Let me explain.

Each year I like to set myself stretch challenges – both personal ones and business ones.  In the past, they have been things like:

  • Exercise 6/7days a week for an entire year (ticked in 2016)
  • Get the business to a point where I can buy a house as a single mum (ticked in 2015)
  • Get my little boy to sleep in his own bed consistently (still failing)
  • Give up coffee (record of about 12 weeks)
  • Run a half marathon with a pram (ticked in about 2009)
  • Quit my cushy marketing role and go all in on this entrepreneurial gig (ticked a few years back now)

ok – you get the idea.

The point for me though is to set a goal that is a stretch – one that takes action, bravery and well sometimes a decent pair of chesticles where you feel like you might vomit in your mouth a little bit once you take the leap of faith with committing to your goal.

But it is also okay to fail at these stretch goals – as a matter of fact, I believe failing is good for entrepreneurs, and can teach you to build resilience, improve, and really look at how you shake what yo’ mamma gave you (i.e. leverage your strengths and resources you have – time, money, free stuff, network – all of it)

So.  This year I set myself a few biz goals (so far, so good).  and a personal goal.  Generally you can learn from both.

To enter an INBA Bikini Competitor Competition in May. Yep get on stage in what can only be described as sparkly dental floss with a tan so dark I had to pre warn my face to face clients that I would look super brown if we were meeting in the first week.

Like this brown. Minimum,.

I’m 42

I’ve had two kids the size of ginormous watermelons (like the smallest one was 8 pound 9)

My stomach is covered in stretchies.

I had about 14 kilos to lose as of January 1 to be stage ready (I’m not obese, but I do like cake) 


So why the heck would I set this goal?

Two reasons.

1/ I wanted to know what it takes to get that super hot bikini bod from a training/mindset and discipline level

2/ I wanted to push the boundaries of what could be achieved fitness wise after 40, and go for the whole stage thing. Just to see if I could get up there in front of strangers and do it.  It was about breaking fear boundaries.


And guess what?

I was doing ok with my goal until it came to donning the stripper shoes. And trying to pose.

You know the shoes I mean.  The clear see through shoes with about 3 cm platform bases that are 6 inches high

Well, turns out that posing and looking like it is easy peasy and you haven’t even tried is really effing hard!!

Hence, #awkwardstripper.

Then I stood on a smurf’s butt in the middle of the night and injured a nerve in my foot, so game over on the goal for now.

But remember, I wanted to know what it takes, so here is what I learnt:

  1. Discipline is in the mind first, and the actions second.  The amount of mind control it takes to not waiver from you eating plan when you prep for a comp is incredible.  The same goes for when you start out in business, or blogging or whatever, if you don’t feel like you are getting anywhere, it can be really easy to give in. Try to look at what’s not working and course correct. 
  2. Big goals take the right team.   I’m super lucky – I have a personal trainer who is kid friendly to push me physically.  I also consulted a nutritionist twice as the first one was not the right fit with my diet requirements.  Same goes when you start to either look for collaborative business partners, or affiliates, or team members.  You need the right fit.  Take time to get your support network right, and look outside the square.  You need personal and professional support.
  3. If you are learning new skills, they are going to take time to develop. Like posing.   I’m definitely up there as #awkwardstripper.  Heck, I’m awkward on the best of days in ballet flats, let alone stripper heels and running shorts. Same goes with business.   If you have never been good at finance, don’t expect to read a profit and loss sheet overnight.  Get an expert to help you while you nurture your new skills.
  4. Manage your time like it’s gold.   Now I am pretty good with my time, so if you are bringing in a new goal, be sure to create space for it.  The training involved was more than my usual half an hour of cardio a day, and the food prep was too.   I hadn’t changed my business model to allow for the frequency of eating so that turned me hangry  
  5. Remember why you are doing it.   My primary goal was to find out what it takes.  And it takes a lot more than I thought.  Especially the standing and smiling in stripper heels.  That is hard. Really hard.  They are not normal heels ladies.  They are see through death traps for tall awkward women like me.  (Although your legs do look amazing).   The same Why goes for developing a business that pays the bills and fits around your life style.  My big why was to be there for my kids after school, and to carve out flexibility that I couldn’t get in my corporate life.
  6. If you fail work out what has to change.   This can be looking at your goal and whether it is the right priority at the right time, or if you have to trade something.  Don’t be afraid to fail.  You can still go for the goal, but it might just need a different time frame or support structure.

So next time you set yourself a goal, ask yourself… is it an #awkwardstripper goal that is going to stretch you, or are you just playing it safe.



PS – I am still totally going to go after the bikini thing – I’ll just be a little older, and a little wiser