As you see another creative woman killing it in her business AND mum life, you think:

I should have that

You don’t want to say “I’m sorry honey, I can’t make it. When your daughter asks for you to come volunteer in cooking class.

You don’t want to miss out on another year of memories, milestones, heck, even the mundane parts of your kids’ lives!

And you don’t want to use your talents and time working for someone else.

It’s time to build a flexible business that works for modern mums.

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The 9-to-5 lifestyle’s so not for you…

It’s not that you hate hard work. You love hard work.

And you especially love people appreciating all that hard work.

It feels good (really good) to work in your “zone of genius” and be acknowledged for your awesomeness.

But when you had kids, something shifted inside.

Suddenly, the accolades and the pants suits and the all-nighters with the team weren’t quite so exhilarating anymore. 

What started as missed soccer games and unwatched school assemblies blossomed into ready meals and Febreze-ed t-shirts. The steady paycheck was nice and all, but you knew working a corporate job wouldn’t allow you to be the mum you wanted to be (or the one your kids deserve).

The 9-to-5 world doesn’t give you the LIFE you want, where:

  • You make more than enough money so your family can thrive, not just survive
  • Your calendar fits your priorities — with plenty of time for school recitals, holidays, and self-care 
  • You tap into your strengths and feel the rush of a job well done on the regular
  • Others recognize your boss badassery and respect you as a fabulous and savvy businesswoman
  • You NEVER have to ask a boss for permission to do anything…ever again

And the dream’s nice and all. It makes for a great daydreaming session when you’re checking out of your current reality. (One of the Hemsworth brothers may or may not be there.)

But it feels like just that: a dream. 

The struggles of running a business as a mum are real.

You’re afraid you’ll never “make it” and will have to keep:

  • Running in a hamster wheel without ever getting ahead
  • Never having enough time with your kids because there’s too much work to be done. (What happened to that magical work/life balance you should’ve achieved by now?)
  • Telling your partner or friends that yes, you DO have a real job even though you work from home, thankyouverymuch
  • Knowing you’re living on borrowed time and you’ll have to go back to the corporate world if your biz doesn’t make good money soon


You’re burnt out, frustrated, and exhausted of always chasing, chasing, chasing. 


You feel stuck in some weird hole with no way out. (If only you had a Hemsworth brother to help pull you out.)


And if you hear one more person call your business “cute”, you’re going to lose it.


You’re starting to feel like you’ll never have a fulfilling career and be the mum you want to be at the same time. It feels like it has to be one or the other.

That’s because the system is broken.

The 9-to-5 model doesn’t meet the demands of modern motherhood. It’s entrenched in tradition and hasn’t worked out how to become more flexible to allow women to both work AND mum effectively. 


Because you don’t have eight hours a day to devote to work, right? 


You’ve also got school runs to make. Meals to prepare. Homework to help with. A household to manage. Relationships to tend to. Activities to plan. Clothes to clean.

(Everything to clean.)

Little minds and hearts and bodies to take care of…that are getting bigger by the day.


You know you’ll never get this time with your kids back. But you live in the real world — one that requires money to provide all the things you want your family to have.


What’s a driven mum supposed to do?


The oh-so-fabulous news is that thanks to the wonders of the internet, you no longer have to choose between being a good mum and being a career woman. You can make great money AND make the school run. (AND squeeze in a sneaky surf)

You just need a better framework to help you do it…

because the 9-to-5 model ain’t workin’ for ya, sister.

Once I figured out how to build a business around my mum duties, I:

  • Actually made money in my business (and I mean, good money. The kind that allowed me to buy a house as a single mum.)
  • Designed my work calendar around my mum life, so I could be there for all the important moments in my kids’ lives
  • Packaged up my offerings in a way that provided high value while taking less time
  • Made time for exercise and self-care, so I showed up as the best version of myself for my biz and my kids every day
  • Sold out live workshops just by connecting with my community
  • Started taking 12 weeks holiday every year…while still making 6-figures in my business ← life-changing!

Most importantly, when you have your own business, you raise kids that don’t have to settle for the 9-to-5 model either.

Because your kids won’t just hear you talking about following your passions or living life on your terms. They’ll SEE you modeling the life you want them to live.


The world is changing.

There are unlimited opportunities for those who are bold enough to go after them.


I don’t know about you, but I want my kids to grow up knowing that they don’t have to fit inside somebody else’s predefined box.

To know that it’s okay if they’re different.

To see that they can live life intentionally, forge their own paths, and still be successful.

So know this:

You CAN build a six-figure business, working from home, that makes bank and makes the school run


Even if…

…You only have a few hours a week to spend in your business

…You’ve been trying to build your business for a while and nothing you do is working

…You don’t have lots of money to spend on Facebook ads or marketing funnels



Every mum knows the juggle of wanting to succeed at something for yourself but not always having the time. Belle is a genuinely passionate teacher — she’s real, she’s relatable, and she knows all the struggles of what it’s like to try and run a business as a mum. 


I love all the tips on organisation inside the program and how to get the most out of our time as busy mums.

I now know how to take all of my big ideas and work through them bit by bit. I just want to keep doing bigger and better! 


I’m a creative and get very overwhelmed with all the tech side of things.

But Belle made the entire course fun.

After every module, I was eager to get started putting everything we learnt into practise. 

She Works Smart helped me increase sales, get a better understanding of my business, and make fabulous connections with other mumpreneurs

No matter if you’re just starting out or already established, you will learn so much!

Alicja Lawler

Creative Director & Founder, Laced With Kindness

Here’s how you run a six-figure business around the school run…

(and fit in a sneaky surf, or yoga, or other thing that brings you joy)

If you’re like most of the mums I work with, chances are you’ve got about five hours a day to spend on your business,



You like being there with your kids during school holidays.

You want to take time off for softball games and gymnastic sessions and school assemblies. And that’s not including the sick days or other lovely surprises every mum knows all too well.

And that’s the problem.

Most of the entrepreneur advice out there is for 9-to-5 people.

It assumes that you’ve got 40+ hours per week to spend on your marketing, business development, client work, accounting, website management, #allthethings.

Busy Mums (with biz goals) need to work differently.

You need to fit twice the results into half the time.

You need to work smarter.

The trick is making the most of your time. 

Instead of trying to fit the 9-to-5 game plan into half the time…you’ve got to come up with a new system entirely.

Who am I to teach you about this?


In 2008, three events happened all at once that would change business and life as I knew it.


I was four months into motherhood. My daughter Abby brought so much purpose and magic to my life and all I wanted to do was be with her.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, my older sister was dying of cancer. I’d lost my dad to the disease about five years before so I braced myself for the tumultuous heartbreak that lay ahead, while making the most of the time we had left.


It was around this time that the Global Financial Crisis had just kicked in. My partner (at the time) didn’t make nearly enough to support us both, nevermind our baby girl.


My daughter and sister made me fully aware of the preciousness of life. But I knew my family needed my corporate marketing income to survive. I had no real life but to return to work.


That’s when I made a promise to Abby that it wouldn’t always be like this. That I’d find a way to be there for school pickups and sports practices and all the moments in between — while still providing the best life possible for her.


In 2012, I followed through on my promise. I quit my job and started building my dream. Yay! The confetti cannons went off! The parade began! This was going to be so great!


…Except it wasn’t.


I was ready to be a badass entrepreneur AND be the best possible mum to my kids. (I’d had my son Archie at that point, too.)


I was ready for a mentor, a program, a networking group to show me how to make it happen.

But the resources I wanted didn’t exist.

It felt like I was trying to get puzzle pieces from five different sources…none of which fit together in the way I needed them to make it as a mumma and biz owner.

I struggled for a while, trying to fit the standard entrepreneur blueprint into my mum life

My relationship had ended at that point so I was trying to juggle it all as a single mum.

And it just wasn’t working — for my bank account, for my kids, for my spirit.


I drew on my corporate background in marketing and change management.

At my heart, I’m a nerd, so I researched best business practices, then tweaked them to suit my needs as a mum.

I took the pieces that worked, changed the ones that didn’t, and tested out different strategies and models in my own business.


That’s when I discovered the She Works Smart system — the way for modern mums to make money and make the school run. 


After applying the system in my own business, I quickly hit multiple-five-figure months. And after two years, I’d built a multiple-six-figure business…all the while:

  • Working a maximum of five hours every day, five days a week
  • Taking 12 weeks holiday every year
  • Having enough time to walk my kids to school, help them with their homework, and be there for all the important milestones (and heaps of non-important, non-milestones, too)
  • Blocking out space for self-care and exercise…something I hadn’t done in years


Today, I have an income, work/life balance, and a sense of purpose that I wasn’t sure I’d be able to achieve back when I made that promise to Abby.


Best of all, I’m living a life I know I’ll look back on someday and smile.

I’m the mum I want to be.

And thanks to my business, I have a sense of identity outside of motherhood and tap into my strengths every day.

Once I discovered the She Works Smart system, I couldn’t wait to teach others a better way.

I’ve shared my message with local mums here in Australia and brought it online to international audiences — helping hundreds of women build fabulous businesses that allow them to be fabulous-er mums.

A few credentials, if you’re impressed by that kind of thing:

  • Australia’s first certified Gallup Strengths Assessment administrator
  • The #2 global expert on mumpreneurs, according to LinkedIn
  • Post-graduate qualification in Change Management from one of the world’s top business schools
  • 20+ years of corporate experience helping companies increase their results without increasing their budgets

She Works Smart is the program I wish I had when I was building my business — the one that takes into account the demands of motherhood and finding a way to work with it, instead of against it.

Just like I’m teaching my kids…

If you don’t like the available options, make something for yourself.

That’s why I created She Works Smart.

Introducing She Works Smart, for mums in biz ready to make money AND make the school run

If you’re a corporate renegade ready to start your own business…


Or you have a casual business you’re ready to grow into a professional operation…


Or your business brings in consistent income but it doesn’t provide the flexibility your family needs…


She Works Smart can help.


When you zero in on the most important parts of your business — the ones that actually move the needle forward — it’s completely possible to make six figures while making the school run. She Works Smart helps you use your time insanely wisely so you can bring more to your family — more money, more time, more energy, more satisfaction, more happiness.

Get the most out of your time as a busy mum

Learn pro time management techniques to get the important things accomplished, even if you only have two hours a day. You’ll hold yourself accountable and procrastinate way less.

Attract clients like a magnet

Create a brand that looks, feels, and smells (okay, that one was weird) like you. Together, we’ll infuse your personality and style into your branding so leads are already sold before you get on the phone.

Design offers that give you time-freedom (and big paydays)

Mums with Biz’s need to be savvy about what they sell. You’ll analyze your current offers and redesign them to provide maximum value for minimum time commitment.


Connect with a community who get it

Whether it’s a tech glitch or a marketing strategy or how in the world to balance your Xero account, She Works Smart is full of women who understand exactly what it’s like.

Stop spinning your wheels

You’ll create an action-focused business plan built around your priorities. As you take action, you’ll move a mile in the right direction (instead of a centimetre in ALL directions) and build meaningful momentum.

Get that fire in your belly feeling

You’ll feel a sense of belief in yourself and your business that you’ve never had before. You’ll gain the know-how, confidence, and ambition to drive your business in the direction you want.



Before She Works Smart, I didn’t even know if there was a market for what I do and I was hesitant about whether I could make a living from it. This program opened my eyes to a whole new idea and set that first stone so I could take the first step

From knowing my strengths and my brand, to designing my website and offerings, to the tools I use in my social media strategy, She Works Smart gave me everything. I learned how to manage my time, diversify my income streams, and create the life I want to live

She Works Smart gave me the confidence, ambition, and know-how to run a business from home as a single mum. Belle’s drive is contagious and her willingness to share her knowledge and time is amazing. Plus, having a posse (both online and local) of like-minded mumpreneurs is just so fabulous.

I have a purpose around being a mother and a way to make my life into what I want, despite my circumstances. I am more inspired. I am happy. I am more ME. 



Amanda Harrington



Belle gave me the confidence to change direction in my business and step into doing what I love.  

The tools and knowledge helped me to give myself permission to build a business and brand I’m passionate about, and one I can have fun with.

I feel confident, love what I do, and it fits with my family.  Winning.

Toni Gordon


Why your business needs something different, creative Mumma!

Most business-building advice out there — even the most outside-the-box, entrepreneurial-minded stuff — is built on the 9-to-5 model. It assumes you’ve got a quiet space to work, time to yourself, and a somewhat consistent schedule.


Yeah, nah. Creative Mums don’t always have that.


Remember this viral video from a little while back? The one where a dad was on a fancy schmancy TV interview and his daughter came dancing into the room…followed by his baby in a walker?

Parenting GOLD.

You know his poor wife turned her back on the kids for ONE second (maybe to do something luxurious like go to the bathroom alone) and his perfectly-crafted professional persona came crashing down in an instant. 

Here’s the thing, though:

This was one bad day in that man’s professional life.

THIS IS OUR LIFE. Every day. 

That’s why creative mummas need something different.

It’s all well and good to say, “Wake up at 5:30am to get in an hour before breakfast!”, “Use the Pomodoro Technique to get more done!”, or “Close the door and don’t open it until the most important task of the day is finished!” 

But that just isn’t realistic for mums.

We have little people who need us.

At the first sign of a tear or a fever or a naked bum running down the hallway, business needs to take a backseat while we go into Mum Mode.

That’s the reality of running a business as a mum.

It’s not glamorous and it’s certainly not convenient.

But instead of pushing against that truth, instead of trying to force our complicated, messy lives inside a tidy entrepreneurial box…

We can intentionally build different businesses.

Businesses built on flexibility.

Businesses that can handle a surprise sick day. 

Businesses that allow us the freedom to be both mums and entrepreneurs — in the same moment.

But we need an entirely new model.

Here’s how we’ll build your business together…


She Works Smart is delivered in six modules to learn the Mumpreneur Success Map and build a 6-figure business around the school run. 

It’s a relaxed environment inside the program. My goal is for every lesson to be full of knowledge yet fun and easy to understand. Everything is delivered in a simple step-by-step format and you’ll be eager to put what you learn into practice. 

The moment you join, you’ll get instant access to the She Works Smart members’ area, where the Welcome module is waiting for you! 

You’ll walk through the Success Map to understand exactly what you’ll accomplish. 

You’ll also complete the Getting  Starting Workbook to get clarity about where you are right now, where your biggest opportunities for growth are, and what success in this program will mean to you. That’ll set the stage for how you’ll use She Works Smart to move forward.

You’ll also join the private Facebook community where all my paid and sponsored peeps are  and meet your fellow warrior-women-in-the-trenches.

Every week of the program, a new module will be released to help you grow in a different area of your business. You’ll get worksheets and checklists to give you the action plan to put what you’re learning into practice.

The Mumpreneur Success Map

This is the backbone of how we’ll grow your business during She Works Smart.

Along the way, you’ll clarify the 6 Ps of your business:

  • Your passions: what energizes you in the best way?
  • Your prized possessions: what do you want to teach your kids about living and working?
  • Your power: what are your talents, your street smarts, your skills (that will pay the bills)?
  • Your product: how can you package up your power in the most valuable, profitable way?
  • Your people: who are you helping, what do they need, and where can you find them?
  • Your profit potential: how big is the opportunity and where does it exist?

Module 1: Choose the RIGHT Goals

You can build anything you want to…so let’s make sure you’re working towards the most meaningful outcome. In this module, you’ll get crystal clear on what matters most (spoiler alert: it’s not all about money). You’ll define what you really want for yourself and your family and define the goals that will keep you motivated when work gets hard. (And as a mumpreneur, it will always get hard.)


You’ll learn:

  • How to choose the RIGHT goals to create a business that’s perfect for you
  • The internal and external rewards that matter to you, so you’ve got a bag of tricks to push you through the tough stuff
  • The SMART system to set yourself truly testing yet achievable goals
  • The specific income amount your business needs to help your family thrive


How to outsmart any hurdles that might crop up during the program by strategizing solutions to overcome them

Module 2: Make Every Minute Count

As a mum in biz, you’ve probably got half the time of other business owners. (And that’s being generous.) Learn how to use your time like the precious resource it is to make meaningful progress. Because when you get the best of your time, you get the best of yourself. 


You’ll discover:

  • The She Works Smart Time Management Model to quickly identify which tasks are “worth it” and which can be outsourced of crossed off your list altogether
  • Your negotiables and non-negotiables — the things you’re prepared (and NOT prepared) to trade to meet your goal, so you have an easy filtering system when priorities compete
  • How to live like a unicorn and bring your most magical self to work every day by incorporating easy-to-add self-care practices 
  • How to maximize what happens in 24 hours of your life by using the Time Square Method 


Technology time-savers to get back a heap of time each week!

Module 3: Mindset Mastery

The key to success is increasing your self awareness, specifically around the words you speak over yourself and over others.  I’ll help you identify common fears and what to do about them so you can embrace your innate abilities to build your business faster, with less stress and more enjoyment. 


You’ll identify:

  • Your thinking stories  and be empowered to edit them to break through limits
  • How to lean into your specific talents and turn them into bankable financial flow
  • The Awkward to Brave transformation process so you can build your mindset muscle step by step


  • How to edit your language and strive forward with a sense of direction and purpose

How to create business boundaries that empower you to say yes or no with kindness, ease and flow.

Module 4: Marketplace Mastery


The secret sauce to an easy sale? Knowing your customer inside and out. That’s why it’s incredibly important to understand your market before you sell to them. When you really know your ideal client, you can design offers that make them say, “It’s like you’re reading my mind. Take my money!” 


You’ll learn:

  • How to increase sales by designing offers around your ideal customers
  • Non-overwhelming ways to perform market research to get to know your customers
  • How to avoid common market research pitfalls that skew your data (and sabotage your results)
  • The value perception behind your offers — what your target market really thinks and feels when they see your offer…and how to make sure you are the value, not the cost


The one easy peasy way to collect customer data that will improve your offers, marketing message, and more

Module 5: The (Brand) Attraction Factor

You know who you want to serve. Now we need to get you noticed by those people. The best way to stand out online is with memorable branding. It goes so much deeper than colors and fonts…and together, we’ll create a brand that catches attention and wraps up your business in meaning.

You’ll understand:

  • How to create an awesome audience relevant to your business
  • How to strategically use color to make your audience feel a certain way about your brand
  • How to write engaging copy that speaks directly to your ideal customers
  • The key benefits your brand provides and problems they help solve (this is where your marketing message comes into play!)
  • The social media landscape and how to use free marketing platforms to build your brand
  • How to choose a business name that stands out, describes what you do, and attracts your ideal customers



Module 6: (Wo)man with the Plan

Let’s take all that you’ve learned and put it to action! We’ll align your goals with your time with your mindset, marketplace, and branding to create action-focused to keep you on track. In this module, you’ll create four plans: a business plan, financial plan, content plan, and growth plan to lay the foundation for your continued success.

You’ll learn:

  • The top-down and bottom-up financial planning approaches to achieve your income goals
  • Budgeting guides to intentionally spend in both your business and personal life
  • How to create a content plan and map out your marketing calendar
  • Designing a growth plan to strategize future investments that will add the most value to your business


More confidence and belief in yourself and your business, as you see what you’re truly capable of



As you work through She Works Smart, questions and hurdles are bound to come up. That’s why I offer support throughout (and after) the program inside my private Facebook group and during pop-up Facebook lives  and Q&A sessions.

We’ll discuss answers to questions like:

  • What should I add to my packages to showcase my value?
  • How can I plan my schedule to take more time off next month?
  • What parts of my business should I outsource first?


Women in She Works Smart have told me the support and guidance is the most valuable part of the program! (That…and my love of cake.)


One of my strengths as a transformation coach is the ability to pinpoint areas for improvement and offer doable solutions to help you grow faster. 


The support takes you from learning to doing…and it’s the DOING that makes the difference.


You’ll also gain access to my community — the incredible network of creative & change making mothers who are building a new world outside of the 9-to-5. 

As a brave woman, you’re chasing something completely different and new. 


It can feel isolating at times when you’re not like everyone else.

That’s why this community is so valuable.




Before She Works Smart, I felt very underqualified and didn’t think I had a legitimate business. Now? I have a functional online shopping website that I sell products through. And even more important, I learnt to believe in myself.


I learnt how to use social media for advertising, the type of content required, how to create an awesome audience relevant to my business. I was given access to so much information in relation to Business Marketing, Finance, Networking that I can still refer to. I built a wonderful ongoing network of women in business and continue to get unwavering support from Belle. Belle has a wonderful way with people and is a passionate, genuine and, fantastic business coach.

I’m more focused on what I need to do, know how important goal setting is and I KNOW that I can achieve whatever I put my mind to.

Sharon Roberts

Creator, Pixie Gifts

We’re in this TOGETHER.

We help each other through our own challenges, we laugh about our mess-ups and failures (because they will happen at some point!), and we’re a shoulder to lean on when life and business gets hard. 

I’m so grateful for this pack of powerful, smart, and incredibly caring women who are bold enough to build their own futures. 

They are a force.

Even if you’re an introvert who goes out of your way to avoid face-to-face conversations…

you’ll be blown away by how many lovely and supportive friends you make.

I can’t wait for you to see what this kind of friendship looks like when you join us in the private community!


You’ll also score these sparkly bonuses…

My Personal Template Library value $197

This is like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory…except instead of tasty treats, you’re getting tasty templates to grow your biz. Inside the Template Library, you’ll find resources to cut your learning curve in half (or quarters, or eights…or whatever fraction comes after that) so you can stop overthinking and start doing.


Here are just a few of the templates inside:

  • More Profit, Less Time Guide: how to transition your offerings from one-to-one to one-to-many
  • Workshop Cheat Sheet: how to run a successful two-hour workshop, in-person or online
  • Consulting Proposal Template: to impress potential consulting clients with your professionalism and class
  • My Optimal Offer Assessment: based on the Boston Consulting Group’s matrix, this will help you determine which is your best product (and where you should be focusing)
  • And more!
Website Secrets value $97

One of the big blocks I’ve seen creative women face is tech, and building a website.

I know, I’ve been in that fetal position, and I’ve learned the best platform, what to ask your photographer, how to “right size” and all the costs to consider if you want to grow online, and what your customers care about.

With my content writer and nerd skills, I’m downloading my brain so that even Karen can respect this drip!

Plus! There is a handy checklist to help you build a website in a weekend on WordPress.

Legal Eagles: Important Questions & Who to Ask

I’ve curated a quick list of some common questions that pop up for different types of businesses & where to go for advice, including:

  • Where to get your Terms and Conditions
  • What you need to be aware of when hiring a content or copywriter
  • Essentials to sort out for online and bricks and mortar businesses.


Outsourcing Action Plan $297

Like a glam squad at the Oscars, there’s a great team behind every great business.

You can’t do great things if you’re trying to do #allthethings.

You’ll learn what to outsource first to provide the biggest value to your business, how to budget for help, and how to find the best people to join your team.

Thats over $500 in value



I love Belle’s approach to learning, making it a relaxed environment with a fun twist to keep me engaged. The content and knowledge inside She Works Smart is amazing. And the way it is delivered, it can be understood without being confusing.


She Works Smart trained my brain to action a game plan in marketing, to target and bring in more clients for my business. Belle was able to apply so much focus to each person to help us go forward on our journeys. I have turned my “can’ts” into “can do”. 


I am a much more confident person now both personally and within my business. She Works Smart gave me enough confidence in my new journey to leave a secure job with the department of education and take a leap of faith in my own business!

If you’re on the fence about joining She Works Smart, just do it! Belle will have you rocking your goals in no time.

Tracy Child

Holistic Therapist, Flourish Mind Body Soul


 My business was doing very well.  Belle helped me to break it down bit by bit to see what was working and what could be improved.

It was a real eye opener and she gave  me insight to where I could take kiddikutter.

Belle helped build my belief and self confidence to put myself in front of my business instead of hiding.

I recently entered The Stevie awards for women in business and won a gold and silver award in New York!

Before  working with Belle I would have never had the confidence to enter.

Belle has a wonderful brain that looks at problems and can offer various solutions straight up.

She is down to earth and very warm, but don’t be fooled, she’ll kick butt if she needs to!
Belle has mentored many women in business and I recommend her and her programs to anyone who needs clarity, insight and a push!

Maria Georgio

Winner, STEVIE Awards Company of the Year, KiddiKutter

Working with Belle transformed my business and my belief in it. (That sounds so corny but it is 100% true!) 

I experienced a change of pace within my business, I learnt to manage my time better, and set myself truly testing yet achievable goals.

She Works Smart gives you a plethora of information and strategies. And with Belle’s help, never-ending support, and constant smile, you can actually put what you’re learning into practice.

Most importantly, I gained self confidence and self belief. I was also blown away by how many lovely and supportive friends I made — and I freely admit to being an introvert who goes out of my way to avoid face-to-face conversation and interactions with new people!


Claire McEwen

Top Food Blogger

WARNING: You will fail with this program.

Do I have your attention? Okay good.

Because here’s something I want you to know: 

A big part of She Works Smart is embracing failure. 

I encourage failure. I love failure. Because failure is the fastest way to success.

We’re mumpreneurs. We don’t have the luxury of 18-hour workdays or waiting months to turn a profit. We need results, big results, and we need them now. Oh, and we also need a 25-minute nap, because our kid was up all night with a case of the voms. Please and thanks.

To do that, we’re going to test. We’re going to try lots of things — whether it’s paid offers, marketing channels, Facebook live strategies — and at some point. you will fail, my darling unicorn cherub. Not everything will go perfectly. 

But that’s a really good thing! We need to know what doesn’t work so we can stop wasting our time on it already. That way, we can zero in on the few things that DO work and go all-in on the success strategies.

That’s the only way to make the mumpreneur dream happen. The only way my mum posse and I can make six figures working a few hours a day (while taking plenty of vacation time) is because we only spend time on the things that matter.

And the only way to discover what those things are…is to test.

And when you test, you’re going to encounter failure. It’s inevitable.

My job as your fearless leader is to create a safe space for failure to happen.

We’re ALL going to do it. We’re in the trenches together. So you’ll have a group to laugh with, to commiserate with, and even to grieve with, when that idea you love so much just isn’t working out.

If you’re a perfectionist who can’t handle the thought of failure, I feel you, my dear. I used to be you, actually. And my perfection cost me my first business.  

So now? I don’t let failure stop me. And I won’t let it stop you, either. She Works Smart will push you outside of your comfort zone. Because deep down, you KNOW that’s the only way to get what you want, right? 

But if you can trust the process and open yourself up just a crack to be okay with failing, you’ll build your six-figure and a school run business faster than you even imagine.

Who is She Works Smart perfect for?🙋‍♀️

You're driven...but family comes first

She Works Smart is for creative mummas of any age + stage  (even furbaby mummas) — emphasis on the “mum”. This program is about building a business that serves your life, not the other way around. You see your business as a tool to help you reach your bigger priorities and are willing to use it as such

You love a good life hack.

You love a good life hack. You’re a bit of a MacGyver and like finding creative solutions to problems. You’re inventive and like finding better ways to do things.

You don’t follow the herd “just because”

You’re not afraid to take some risks and blaze your own trail…as long as you know it’s a trail that serves you and your bigger goals.

You’re a hard worker

You love the feeling of a job well done. You just don’t like investing your time into something that isn’t going to get you results.

You're busy.

You need a way to fit your version of #allthethings into just a few hours a day, in between the school runs.

You love the movie Bad Moms.

You’ve made peace with life not being perfect all the time. As long as your kids get what they need and you keep your sanity, you’re cool with it.

Who is She Works Smart NOT for?🙅‍♀️

You think it's all about the pineapples🤑

 Money is important, don’t get me wrong. But money only matters when it serves a purpose. She Works Smart is about designing a business to support your LIFE. That often means making more money but that’s not all it’s about.

You love the hustle lifestyle.

 It’s called She Works Smart…not She Works All Day Erry Day Without Time or Energy for Anything Else. Hustling for hustling sake is NOT our jam. Or our super crunchy peanut butter.

You like to say "I told you so".

 You get righteously indignant about the “right” way to do things. To build a different kind of business with She Works Smart, you need to have an open mind to new ways of thinking.

You really like Donald Trump.

Yeah,  Nah ….we’re just probably not a good fit.


If by some weird fluke you get sent a rando course on raising fainting goats, I will happily refund you.

For access to She Works Smart, the templates, the resources, the swipe files, the community, the free challenges, well… at this price, it is non-refundable.   

I know that She Works Smart will help you build a business that supports your life.

But I know that you don’t know that yet.

And you’re a savvy little spender (which I love about you) so I wanted to price it to remove the risk, and to make it accessible.


That’s why I’m giving you a bazinga load of value before I practice what I preach and put the price up. 

 I also want to help a ton of women get a breakthrough, and I know what it is like to sit on the floor and cry and wonder how you are going to do just that.


So, here’s the deal.  Hand on heart, if this decision makes you feel ill, walk away.  Make a choice that works for you right now. 

But chances are, if you work through the program and give it your all, you’ll send me a testimonial like this instead…

I was in a hobby business bubble before I started working with Belle.

Dreaming of something bigger, but really just plodding along blindly and not knowing what I was doing.

Belle has an incredible holistic approach to her mentoring style and since working with in her programs her I have been able to give my business a clear direction and grow as a more confident person.