Keeping motivated when life gives you challenges.

Edited August 16 – This was first published on New Years  Eve 2015 by yours truly, Belle Lockerby –  single mum entrepreneur, change strategist, resilient chick and champion of weathering life’s shit storms with a smile.

This may be my quickest blog on keeping your motivation through challenges ever…

Partly because my actual house door is knocking with kids and people coming and going to get ready to welcome in the new year.  But first,  to recognise the year that was…

If you just want my Top 5, across business, health and family, scroll to the bottom.

So lets do a quick recap of what happened to build my resilience

(and, I’ll tell you the shiny and not so shiny stuff)

  1. Set the intent of having a WOW year  – Well being, Own Style, Wealth (I like goals in 3’s – more on that next year)
  2.  Clocked up over 150 participants in community capacity building
  3. Worked with amazing clients to create strengths based change.
  4. Invested in Rainmaker course platforms (ooh the holy grail)
  5. Devested in Rainmaker (ooh not so much)
  6. Had that magic piece of paper turn up for the post grad.
  7. Hi fived self.
  8. Saved an NFP in excess of 30% of their operating costs
  9. Delivered Mumpreneur, ARTpreneur, and Migrant Enterprising Women Programs.
  10. Hi fived self.  Also cried happy tears.
  11. Amazed by the hidden talent and seeing change in people (you all know who you are)
  12. Worried about the world with #prayforParis – for all affected.
  13. Stood in rooms rich in talent, diversity, and intellect, such as:

    A room of 22 women from who speak over 30 languages from 12 countries – WOW.  There should be more rooms like this in the world. They shine a light, like you could not imagine. Humbled, Honored, and Inspired.

    Love to them all x

    The artists – you creative makers of change, bringers of coolness and laughers of my lame jokes.  Thank you for rocking up, and sharing your successes.  Value it, Market it, Own it!

    The mums – you are where it all started.  No, you don’t have to do it all.  Find your passion.  Build your supports.  Work out your definition of success. Step into the fear.

    Each entrepreneur, and client – Love to them all x

  14. Had to redefine “a successful happy family”
  15. Started coparenting (and we are all doing ok)
  16. Sold a house. Cried
  17. Bought a house (as a single mum business owner)
  18. Had a momentary FREAK OUT at above
  19. Got sort of fit
  20. Had tantie at personal trainer as life imploded
  21. Got sort of unfit
  22. Cried, looked in the mirror and beat myself up internally (why am I not a swishy hair coach?, why do I look meh?)
  23. Did yoga
  24. Ate too many chocolate croissants, drank too much coffee.
  25. Tried being vegan – felt awesome
  26. Failed being vegan
  27. Settled for being a “no meat, no wheat” almost vegan (but sometimes bacon beckons..)
  28. Cried, looked in the mirror and made a commitment to be nice to myself
  29. Gained Weight
  30. Lost Weight
  31. Weight found its way home as I pondered how to do fitness with kids and clients?
  32. Found a trainer who gets the kid juggle – GOLD like you would not believe
  33. Shout out to Jamie @ Never Look Back Personal Training
  34. Bought a treadmill
  35. Weight decided it didn’t want to live in the house with the treadmill, so is now shifting out again.
  36. Getting sort of fit again
  37. Cherished amazing friends and family
  38. Heartbroken at Mother In Law’s news of Motor Neuron Disease
  39. Met Ernesto Sirolli, of the amazing TED Talk fame who helped me develop my understanding of why motivation matters to Entrepreneurs 
  40. Learned a bit about spirituality
  41. Learned a load about myself
  42. Got a Pawsonal Assistant (good at document shredding, not so good at making coffee)
  43. Oh that’s right, diagnosed with adrenal fatigue
  44. Quit coffee
  45. Unquit coffee
  46. Quit coffee again
  47. Unquit coffee again
  48. Now deciding to be a tea drinker  – pinkies out, peeps!
  49. Discovered the things I can do as a single mom/mum (like large hairy spider extraction)
  50. Discovered the things I can’t do as a single mom (like put hinges on flat pack furniture and opening really hard jars)
  51. Outsourced marketing
  52. Wrote a children’s book (unpublished) about fear of frogs
  53. Got nominated for a WA Entrepreneur of the Year Award

And that is about it.  Oh my top five:

  1. That I am ok with failing. Its where the growth is.
  2. Delivering on the WOW year, with all the challenges.
  3. Buying a home
  4. Creating change, for my self and my clients
  5. Doing ok at co-parenting

When it comes to keeping your mindset motivated, what I learn is this:   

Change is inevitable

Its ok to fail, it’s not ok to quit. Small changes make a big difference.

So, no matter what your goal, no matter how big or small, you need both mindset and a support

team.  The team that are there to support you on your way to success.  And the team that are there to say “it’s ok, you’ve got this” when you inadvertently faceplant in the veritable poostorm we call life.

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Keep an attitude of gratitude


Oh and pass me my sangria – cheers to you!