Work with me 1 on 1 6 month behaving bravely coaching intensive

Define your Staircase. Focus on the Step. Build Your Bravery. Celebrate your Success

You’ve been Brave in building your bounty



Does this sound like you?

You started from scratch, maybe with a partner

You worked hard.  Like REAALLY hard.

Most likely for your family, to give them opportunities that you didn’t have access to growing up.

You want their life to be richer, better, different.  Because you love them


You became a sponge in your industry

You got growth

You started managing a team (either your own direct hires or an outsourced one)

You understand the value of systems.


And then that 38 hour work week, well….

Somehow  it morphed into becoming 68 and feeling like 83 hours

Only for you to wake up and find your self spending more time with the customers you love and less with the  people you love.  The family that you are working hard for.

The family that are more connected to wifi than conversation with you at dinner.

I get it.

If you need some change, then I might be your girl in glistening neoprene.

  Why the wetsuit reference?  Well, even though I’m a shitty surfer, I’m bang up at making offers sing like  mythical sirens. 

What do I do, exactly?  I find out what type of life you are wanting to live, and what you need your business to give.  As partners, we look at what practical changes can happen to hit both those goals.  I’m a pro at leveraging good things

My street cred includes helping entrepreneurs go from $40 an hour to $400 an hour by helping them craft new offers based on their existing passions and skills, or save them tens of thousands of dollars in time double handling customers & creating copy clarity. 

I help you understand return on energy and cost to serve.

I’ve helped big corporates, government departments, not for profits, entrepreneurs (my fave) all find ways to get time  (and money) back into their pockets.  

It’s the special combination of strategic story telling  and change management (hellooo fancy pieces of paper) that helps me do that super fast.

Whats’s included in the intensive (pricing in AUD)

  • 1 x 2 hour strategy call to map out your short and long term goals ($756 ex GST)
  • 1 x team planning day* (Value $3960 ex GST)
  • 10  x 90 minute coaching calls online (value $7560 ex GST)
  • Mapping & documentation of 6 month implementation plan (Value $2,700)
  • Support between coaching calls (value $990 ex GST)
  • Transformation Process Blueprint (Value $495 ex GST)

Total Value : $16,461 ex GST


Over $5K in savings with the Intensive Package.  

 * Team planning day excludes travel outside Perth Metro Area, venue hire, catering & printing of resources

 ** Team planning day can not be completed until 12 weekly payments have been made.

Working with Belle transformed my business and my belief in it. (That sounds so corny but it is 100% true!)  I experienced a change of pace within my business, I learnt to manage my time better and set myself truely testing yet achievable goals.


Professional Food Blogger, Sprinkles and Sprouts

Respect. I get this is a significant investment. 

This is for you if…

You are spinning your wheels and feeling the wobbles?

You’ve got customers, you’ve got a good product/service, yet you feel like one more late night and you may actually turn into a zombie, tear Larry from accounts a new one,

or worse..

Tell a customer, “No, Steve, No, the customer is NOT always right.”

Need Clarity on who costs what

 Some customers need fast food, some need fine dining.

Some staff will nail it, some might be snailing it.

You might be overdue for a little strategic story segmentation. 

No worries! I’ll sort it. Let’s look at those offers and work out who fits what.  It’s all about cost per lead, and looking at strategy, systems, success criteria & solutions.

Bit of deep dive data nerd action, and we’ll nail your battle song.  

Got the Money Making "Meh's"?

Spending more time thinking about your doona than your dosh?   Heck you might even be thinking of chucking this all in and going and getting a “real” job.  You know, like the soul sucking one that you left.   

Perhaps you are creatively tapped out with what’s next in the land of sweet sweet offers for your business.


You want your life back.

You need fresh eyes on how to create change, and how to be bold and brave in getting your dream, your way.

You know we all have 24 hours in a day, and you know that nothing changes if nothing changes. 

You know deep down that health is important, not only to keep your business ticking along, but also, your life.

You are just trying to work out what the first step is

Want someone to leave you a briefcase full of cash and go surf Bell's Beach?

Even though I have my own beach (they just spelt the name wrong) dude – those waves are for pros. 

Pretty sure if you get given a briefcase full of cash, it might be questionable.  Best to get me to help you find ways to fund your next adventure. 

You like Honesty as a Sword & Humour as a Shield

Change takes courage.

 I’m not going to sugar coat things.  I’ll ask you tough questions. 

I’m serious about your livelihood and you activating your definition of living. 

But I am going to tell you that I believe happiness is important so if you are ok with a Change Professional who is partial to a dad joke, we will make a great team.

Belles willingness to help out, her ability to pinpoint areas for improvement and then offer solutions is brilliant.  She is super supportive and helps her clients in any way she can. The best thing about working with Belle is her sense of humour. She makes even the dry topics enjoyable.

Nicole Weaver

Creative Director, Brand Artisans