Working with Belle transformed my business and my belief in it. (That sounds so corny but it is 100% true!) 

I experienced a change of pace within my business, I learnt to manage my time better, and set myself truly testing yet achievable goals.

She Works Smart gives you a plethora of information and strategies. And with Belle’s help, never-ending support, and constant smile, you can actually put what you’re learning into practice.

Most importantly, I gained self confidence and self belief. I was also blown away by how many lovely and supportive friends I made — and I freely admit to being an introvert who goes out of my way to avoid face-to-face conversation and interactions with new people

Claire McEwen

Food Blogger, Sprinkles & Sprouts

Belle’s knowledge and support has been great.  It’s been incredible to work with someone who believes in you, and sees things differently.


Being part of her community has helped me to build my confidence, look at my creative passions and skills and remember what I can do, and get outside my comfort zone.

I’m working towards doing what I love, in a way that works for me and my family, and I’m much more confident with changing things up.



Creative Superbabe, Dilli Delli


Every busy mum knows the juggle of wanting to succeed at something for yourself but not always having the time. Belle is a genuinely passionate teacher — she’s real, she’s relatable, and she knows all the struggles of what it’s like to try and run a business as a mum.  

I’m a creative and get very overwhelmed with all the tech side of things. But Belle made the entire course fun. After every module, I was eager to get started putting everything we learnt into practise. 

She Works Smart helped me increase sales, get a better understanding of my business, and make fabulous connections with other women braving it.  No matter if you’re just starting out or already established, you will learn so much! 

Alicja Lawler

Creative Designer of Accessories with Soul, Laced With Kindness